Redwood Burl Furniture

Redwood burl furniture handcrafted from recovered old growth Sierra redwood trees and root systems recovered from the forest floor. These trees and root systems were cut over 100 years ago. The first of  large Sierra redwood trees was cut in 1853 in Calaveras Big Trees State Park. Durning the years to fallow many trees were cut some left behind on the forest floor and all of the root systems were left behind. Recovering these hidden treasures off the forest floor, we are cutting down on hazards and extra dry fuel for forest fires. These old growth Sierra redwood burl logs and root systems are cut into free form live edge natural wood slabs. The bark and sap wood is long gone leaving the heart with its dark natural live edge. Master craftsman around the world create one of a kind artistic furniture. The unique deep color tones and burl, curl, knots, sunburst patterns combined with the dark natural live edge are what make this wood so unique.

Old growth redwood slabs and root bases can be found at redwood You will find a large array of redwood slabs from dining tables, rustic accent tables, driftwood and more.

rustic table

Large slab redwood table a elegant simple live edge rustic table created by Kelly Maxwell at Littlebranch Farm in Hamilton, Ga

rustic table

Rustic table crafted from old growth redwood slabs with root base

Large slab redwood burl tables are crafted from these recovered Sierra redwood burl slabs. These rustic tables are crafted with a natural root base or for a contemporary rustic table a metal base or wood base may be used.

rustic bed

Rustic bed crafted from natural live edge redwood burl slabs. Artistically designed and crafted around the natural live edge of these free flowing redwood burl slabs

Rustic log bed

Rustic log bed crafted using eastern red cedar logs and redwood burl slabs creating a unique rustic bed


Rustic beds are also crafted from these large natural live edge redwood burl slabs. These rustic beds can be combined with log, metal of with other slabs to create unique redwood burl furniture.

natural wood desk

Natural wood desk crafted from old growth redwood burl slabs with natural live edge. creating unique redwood burl furniture.

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